Corrosion Model

Dr Richard Pomeroy’s Corrosion model for concrete gravity mains is well accepted in the wastewater industry. Richard Pomeroy had numerous papers published over a thirty year period, which culminated in writing the United States Environmental Protection Agency's,
"Process Design Manual for Sulfide Control in Sanitary Sewerage Systems". This was first published in October, 1974 in the United States. This document is still recognised as a key designers guide for management of hydrogen sulphide problems. It provides a good indicative cost of corrosion.

The theory behind the corrosion model can be accessed at:

The model can then be accessed at:
Pomeroy Model

Pomeroys corrosion model uses dissolved sulphides as an input. If you have gaseous sulphides you need to know the sewage pH as well. The following table will give an idea of the likely conversion.
Conversion table Page 672 Figure 29.2

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