Biosol’s clients focus is to address Management and Operator needs, as well as addressing sustainability challenges:  These include:

  • Applying digital dosing technology for superior product management, which is compatible with your SCADA system
  • Superior sewer odour control
  • Markedly reduced infrastructure corrosion
  • Substantially decreased Greenhouse gas emission in the sewer catchment
  • Improve safety and compliance risks
  • Reduced cost, management and operator time
  • Lower methane gas production (LEL (Lower Explosive Levels))
  • Minimises fat, oil and grease blockages in the sewer
  • Reduces the risk of sewer overflows and pump burnouts
  • Decreases wet well maintenance and fat removal
  • Lower environmental footprint. Substantially less product is required compared to our competitors
  • Our dosing system is simple and easily fits where others cannot

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