Microbial Cell Signalling Technology

Biosol’s unique Microbial Cell Signalling technology, removes the biofilm / sediment layer in the sewer. This removes the cause of sewer odour, corrosion and fat build-up within the treated wastewater catchment.

Why Biosol technology is your complete solution;
  • Biosol removes the cause of:
    • Sewer Odour
    • Corrosion
    • Methane gas production and emissions,
    • Fat, oil and grease blockages in sewer pipes
    • And reduces Phosphorus influent at the treatment plant by about 70%
  • All of the above are cost saving measures you will enjoy


  • Biosol removes the Biofilm / sediment layer where sewer odour and methane gas are produced.
  • Biosol doesn’t kill bacteria and microbial resistance will not evolve
  • Bacteria in a multi-cellular slimes form (biofilm/floc) are the only bacteria that can produce odour. Biosol sends these bacteria back to a single cell form, minimising odour production
  • Removing the slimes layer in the sewer pipe improves hydraulic efficiency of the pipe, reducing pumping costs.
  • Biosol dosing provides an immediate increase in asset life with a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Adhesion of Fats, oil and grease are eliminated within the dosed sewerage catchment.
  • Biosol stops the bacteria producing the glues which enable the biofilm to stick to the sewer, the biofilm disintegrates and flows to the treatment plant for processing.
  • Biosol products are tailored to a broad array of industries that enable the team to meet your wastewater needs.
  • Biosol do not add bacteria to your sewer system.

Increasing Asset Life

  • Modelling has shown Biosol can achieve an anticipated increase in the lifespan of the concrete infrastructure of up to 100 years.
  • pH rises from < 2 to > pH 4 reduces the acidic conditions which cause corrosion
  • A reduction in maintenance costs.

Fat, oil and grease management

Biosol releases fat, oil and grease in the treated sewer pipes. Biosol stops the fat and grease adhering to the sewer pipe walls and it is washes off into the treatment plant for processing.

There has never been a blockage from fat, oil and grease in any Biosol dosed sewer system

Phosphorus removal

Biosol removes Phosphorus in the sewer main influent to the sewage treatment plant. Further research is being undertaken to determine the feat of this phosphorus.

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