Our Mission

To be recognised nationally as a market leader in sustainable wastewater treatment solutions.

Our Purpose

To provide innovative solutions for wastewater management to ensure a sustainable future.

Our Core Values

  • Collaborate: Working together as a team to provide solutions for our clients
  • Sustainable: Using green technology to lower your costs and carbon emissions
  • Innovate: Market leaders in sustainable wastewater technology
  • Integrity: We do what we say

Our History

Biosol established in 2008, to provide alternative wastewater solutions to traditional chemicals like Magnesium Hydroxide, Ferrous Chloride and Calcium Nitrate. 

After more than a decade’s Research and Development, in 2010 Biosol released their first commercial product. Ross Chandler, the developer of Biosol, stated that the technology developed around microbial control (cell signalling), which is a unique approach within the wastewater industry.

Why Biosol?

The team at Biosol are focused on working together with our clients, to address management and operational needs.

The benefits of Biosol include;

  • Superior odour control
  • Reduced infrastructure corrosion
  • Decreased greenhouse gas emissions
  • Eliminating fat, oil and grease blockages in the sewer
  • Digital dosing technology for accurate product management
  • Improved safety and compliance risks
  • Reduced management and operator time
  • Lowering methane gas production and LEL risk
  • Sewer overflows and pump burnouts are reduced
  • Decreased wet well maintenance and fat removal
  • Providing a lower environmental footprint. Substantially less product is required to treat the sewer when compared to our competitors.

Cost Effective

The Biosol team are dedicated to providing practical, cost effective solutions.

Biosol has been selected in open tenders and by Professional Engineers for sewer odour and corrosion control, partially based on Net Present Value equations.


• Non-hazardous, therefore minimal bunding is required
• Uses two thirds less chemicals to achieve the same level of odour control.
• Biosol dosing does not lead to Struvite or Brucite blockages in the sewer which lead to costly removal or even asset replacement.
• Our dosing raises the surface pH of sewer infrastructure, increasing sewer asset life.
• No Fat, oil or grease blockages
• Reductions/ elimination in the risk of sewer overflows or pump burnouts
• Simple dosing systems which are easily maintained using peristaltic pumps
• Operators can monitor the dosing on their computer, tablet or mobile phone, saving time.
• Biosol dosing does not cause sludge sediments to accumulate in the wet well minimising operator time in cleaning wet wells

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