Examples of the clients we work with

Biosol works with a range of Industries including Water Authorities, Local Councils, Wineries and Service Stations across Australia.

Water Authorities and City Councils in Australia

Biosol is used by many water authorities and councils here in Australia to minimise odour and corrosion.

Biosol’s innovative solution in sewer odour and corrosion control, provides superior asset protection and sewer life.

Winery odour control

Biosol is used to treat winery odour during wine making. 

Service Stations

Biosol is used to minimise odour and corrosion of sewer authority’s assets, where sewage from the service station enters these assets. 

Milk Processing Plants.

Biosol is used to reduce odour, assist in pumping of dairy wastes by preventing adhesion of dairy wastes to the wastewater pipe walls.

Chevron Barrow Island

Biosol was approved for use at the highly sensitive Barrow Island – Class A Nature Reserve.  Our product was used during the construction phase and was highly effective at controlling sewer odour.

Abattoir and Poultry processing Plants

Odour control from waste and to prevent/minimise adhesion to the sewer pipes and facilitate pumping of these wastes

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