Your choice of Cloud Based Digital or Twin Timer Dosing Systems

Increasingly management is moving towards digital technology to improve their management systems.

Cloud based Digital Dosing

Biosol’s cloud based “Beady – Eye” digital dosing system, provides the following information at a glance on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. The data allows operators or management to immediately see the status of any dosing system on their network. Notifications can be sent to both operators and Biosol staff in real time when dosing issues arise and also when tank refills are required. This information can also be linked to SCADA systems if required.

Biosol Beady-Eye Digital Dosing Information

The Beady-Eye controller can be used for any pumps

Beady Eye Digital dosing systems

The Beady eye controller in this case is managing two Stenner Pumps. The Beady-Eye controller can be used for any pumps with minor modification to the pumps.

Biosol’s digital dosing system allows management and operators to monitor Biosol dosing from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Management and operators can monitor Biosol dosing against pre-determined criteria.

Dosing information includes:
• How much product is in the tank
• Target dose rates
• Actual dose rate
• Pump run time
• Pump off time
• Anticipated date the tank will be empty.

Biosol’s new pumps operate on 24 Volts DC for operator safety

Biosol pumps are equipped to operate on either the Beady-Eye or simple twin timer systems.

Twin Timer Simple Dosing Systems

This simple system allows the pump off and run times to be easily set by the Operator, delivering a pre-set product dose rate every run time. Operators will need to periodically check on product usage and pumps for correct operation.

Biosol pumps:

  • Operate on 24 Volt DC providing operator safety
  • Operate off either digital dosing or twin timers, simply by the flick of a switch
  • Use stepper motors for long life
  • Use pump heads which allow rapid and easy changing of the squeeze tube
  • Use peristaltic squeeze tubes with an estimated life of greater than 1000 hours run time.
  • Can be operated off solar panels and batteries in remote environments. 

Biosol – uses less product to treat the same sewer system

Biosol has demonstrated similar or superior odour control to traditional chemical dosing technologies, while utilising 65% less chemical.

Before: 24,000L Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid tanks and 12,000 litres of Ferrous Chloride were used to treat the sewage in this catchment.

Now: Biosol use only 3,000 litres (BRX 1CN) in one MHL tank and a 200 litre drum of BRX 2DE.

Typical Low Cost Dosing System

At this site we use a 1000 litre IBC for BRX 1CN and a 200 litre drum for BRX 2DE. Most sites contain sufficient product for sixty days dosing supply.

Lockable dosing cabinets are available tailored to each specific site needs.

Fully equipped shipping containers can be delivered to site. These containers provide a plug and play solution. They are fully set up with appropriate tanks and dosing pumps. All that is needed is a power supply and a connection to the sewer.

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